Pretty Girls Get Free Drinks, Get Over It.

Every time some university or snotty feminist performs a sociological study on how pretty woman have it easier, the internet community shuffles into a flurry. The comments fly furiously on message boards: OMG how can men be so stupid. Sexist pigs, only caring about looks. Dudes are so dumb! It’s almost as if they live in some alternate reality where the pretty girls don’t get free drinks and better customer service.

I live in the real world where it matters what you look like. I’m never shocked, when the pretty girls get served first at the bar. I’m never shocked when the ugly girls stand outside the bar begging to get in. I’m not shocked or bothered, because it’s not a problem.

Many people would like to vilify men who treat women differently by how they look. They seem to forget that they turn their nose up at the homeless looking person on the corner and expect Keisha not to tip as well as Becky. We all do it. That doesn’t make it right but it’s the way it is.

When it comes to men, they generally treat women better than we treat men. Chivalry is far from dead. Even though the formal idea of chivalry has become obsolete, men –including gay men- still open doors, give up our seats on busses and offer to carry a grocery bag that seems too heavy. They do this because they’re trained to do so. It’s the same reason why women shellac their faces in make-up, hold onto their virginity, and wear shoes that more uncomfortable than they are cute. We are all doing the socially acceptable things to ingratiate ourselves to potential mates.

Although some people may disagree, the entire purpose of life, as this writer understands it, is to procreate. We may disguise our primal drive within social interactions, but we live our lives to find someone with whom we can share our genes. If that’s not the case then why do we have so many social structures and interactions that are designed to aid in the mating and courtship process?

Traditionally and modernly, the purpose of men in male/female relationships is to provide. Men display their ability to provide by having things. Flashy cars, expensive homes and jewelry, fertile semen, muscles, flowers, paying for dinner, and buying drinks are all ways men display their ability to provide. If they’re a bouncer at a club they may let the women that they’re attracted get in free. If they’re a banker, the low neckline might get a lower rate. If they work at a donut shop, a pair of jeans a size too small may get you free dozen.

Even though they go out of their way to provide for the people they want to mate with, men are not stupid. Men don’t think with their penis, they think with their brains. It’s just that their brains are telling them that they need to get into that person’s pants and that person’s pants. Their brains connect the dots and makes them do the things that will make it more like to get into the pants they want to enter. So, they give up their seat on the bus when their feet hurt, open the door when they don’t want to, carry the groceries after a 12 hour shift and they buy the pretty girl at the bar a drink.

Women spend their lives correcting nature, in an attempt to woo potential mates. Yet, we regard those behaviors in a generally positive light. How stupid or rude is a woman who shaves all of her body hair? How barbaric is it for a woman high heels that could cause a curvature in her spine? It isn’t… or at least the vox populi doesn’t believe it to be.

As such, men aren’t stupid, rude or barbaric because they do those things they do. Men have simply been the winners of the Y chromosome in the spermatozoa crapshoot called conception. While there are many benefits that Y chromosome gifts men, there are many drawbacks as well. It just so happens that being a male, the drawbacks are usually fiscal.


Documentary : Sexy Girls Have It Easy from Bright Hand Pictures on Vimeo.


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