Would You Pay $56 For A 12 Pack Of Condoms?

I know I wouldn't but the maker of Naked brand condoms is hoping you will. They've just released a new set of condoms that retail for a previously unheard of $4.67 each. They claim that the price is justified by the fact that these condoms are the thinner than the standard "ultra thin" condom, feature hypoallergenic lube and easy tear 6-layer foil packaging.

While I'm sure that the extra thinness will be appreciated, this sounds like nothing more than a not so subtle ruse to increase the thinness of my wallet. For the price of 1 of their condoms I can get a $12 pack or Trojan Ultra Thin condoms and go about my merry day.

As of right now, the condoms have yet to reach retailers but you can expect to find them at your favorite online retailer by July.

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