Request Denied - A Poem


"Friend request from Love received"

...Request denied


I've tried a thousand times to subdue my pride

But when I look inside all I find is nothing

Strictly carnal flesh simply concerned with humping

Swapping bodily fluids... fucking


You want to fuck me?

Sure, that's cool.

Set the camera up and let the world watch us screw


Oh, you've got a friend?

Here I go again

Giving into lusting

But when I think of you I just see us touching


Must be your tits

Maybe your ass or the curve to your hips

I just want to see you strip and rip you a new one

Then repair the old one with a lick


I wanna bite you

Just a tiny bit

After that we can utilize the handcuffs or whip

A ball gag or rope

A paddle or switch

A swing... or a g-string

These are a few of your favorite things


You can have them all when you're sleeping with me

But we wont be sleeping, if you know what I mean

Put your high heels on, if you're ready to ride

But don't get caught up and get your love request denied


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