Revert - A Poem

Seduction, time stopping, slowly moving through the mind, disrupting common sense, and inciting disgustingly obscene fits of lust.

Drizzling caramel, dripping honey; flowing nectar.

Warm milk; soft, sweet.

Adrenaline rush, nicotine fix. Furious confession. Passionate penance.

Double espresso shots in 3 cups of black coffee, simply to face the sunlight.

Anticipating drops of candle wax to touch bare flesh.

Fucking the pain away.

Incense shop burning to the ground.





And lets not forget the screams.

Love via hate. Relaxation in rage.

All knowingly all powerful. Broken hearted and afraid.

A nonexistent being; smiling for the world to see.

To reinforce:

I want her.

It drives me mad.

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