Laying It On Thick: Your Guide To Complimenting Women And Getting Away With It

Admittedly, complimenting women can be a dicey proposition. While every woman wants to know that you find her attractive, complimenting her on the wrong physical attribute could mean going home alone at the end of the night. Luckily dating website Badoo has levied their data from 107 million registered users to give you the best chance of making a successful first impression.

#6 Women love being complimented on their hair, especially if they are of Spanish, or Latin blood. It is very innocuous and shows attention to detail. Stay away from asking if it’s a weave, or if it’s colored. The idea is to compliment without being accusatory. Talk about how soft it is, how good it smells, how the color compliments her skin & eyes, and how well it flows.

#5 Women from Australia, America or Brazil like being complimented on their clothing. I doubt they want you to tell them how hot their ass looks in their jeans. However, compliment them on how the color matches their skin or how original their style of dress is will be most effective. Women like to know that they are different or have something special about them that you have noticed.

#4 Legs are every girl’s go to weapon, so a compliment there could never go wrong. British women are particularly favorable to those compliments. That would make since when you look at British celebrities they are often in short shorts and skirts, much more often then American celebrities. Again, here you want to say things like soft, smooth, long, firm, and plump.

#3 Odd though it may seem, many women enjoy being complimented on their ears and earrings. Women put a lot of work into choosing the right baubles to hang on their ears in order to accentuate their faces and neck lines, complimenting their hard work will pay off.

#2 German and Canadian women love being complimented on their skin. Dermabrasion, exfoliation, facials, masks, wraps, steam baths, chemical peals, lotions, body butter, moisturizers, there is a lot to female skin care. Letting a woman know that you recognize how soft, supple, and responsive their skin is will always give you a gold star.

If you’re dealing with interracial dating, it’s ok to compliment on the color of the other person’s skin, but be wary of what and how you say it. A white man complimenting a black woman on her chocolate skin may not go over so well. Though a black man complimenting a white woman on her ivory skin or golden tan may be better accepted. Women may be less harsh to other women, so lesbians needn’t be so cautious.

#1 Above all others, lips are the single most effective and international feature to compliment a woman on. The color rouge that a woman chooses to wear is important to her, and it should be to you as well. Those bold reds, sensuous earth tones, and playfully bright hue are all telling you something about the wearer. You don’t necessarily need to know if it’s wine, crimson or burgundy or even Maybelline vs L’Oreal but you should be able to notice if she’s wearing it and how that compliments her skin, eyes, hair and clothes.

Knowing what to compliment a woman on is only helpful if you do it correctly. So to be safe stay away from telling a woman how big her titties are or how fat her ass is, no matter how much you want to. Feel free to compliment shoes, but stay away from feet, even if you are a foot fetishist. Most women are quite accommodating to something as simple as a foot fetish, but it can be quite off putting on a first meeting.

If the woman you are after has something obviously special about her, steer clear of complimenting that feature. How many times can a woman hear about how pretty her gold eye color is before it loses effect? Go for something that you may think she is rarely complimented on, like the shape of her shoulders or the seductive way that she walks.

Women who are hitting on other women should make sure to be as specific as possible. It shows similar interest which is always good on a first meeting. If you are the type of woman who enjoys a beauty regiment, let the other woman know who much more you enjoy hers than yours… even if you don’t. Tell her how soft her lotion makes her legs feel, which will give her the option of rubbing some on you.

Keep in mind that compliments alone will not get very far but they will help break the ice. Use them sparingly, with thought and accommodation to the person you are laying them on. Don’t lie and compliment a woman on something that does not look nice… unless she thinks it does. I know it’s a lot to keep in mind, and it will take some practice. Just keep trying until you get it right and land the woman you want.

There may be many women reading this thinking, "OMG why would he say that? I don't like that. I should tell him what I like.", well then you mosey your way into the comments to share your thoughts.

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