Waitress Forced To Play Ring Toss On Boss's Penis - Quickie

An Oregon woman named Jessica Webber is suing her former employers after she attended a party they hosted that she feels took a wrong turn. According to court documents, Webber alleges that at this party she was forced to partake in sexual situations she felt uncomfortable with. Strangest among them was when the male boss, who is unnamed in the story, stripped naked and encouraged everyone at the party to play ring toss on it. Everyone was also given a "sexually suggestive" survey and promised sex toys as prizes for correct answers.

I find this story annoying mainly because I hve a feeling that this is more a case of this woman overreacting. Sure it is possible that she felt like she had to come and that she had to participate, if this is true she should win all $900,000 she is seeking. Otherwise she should shut the fuck up and get over herself.


via MSN NZ

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