Sex vs The World - Update

After another conversation with my boss yesterday, I found out that things are not as dire as they once appeared. There was some miscommunication and hesitation the let the fuse burn out on a bomb set by someone else. It's an moment where everyone is at fault, and we're going to try to work past it. 

I still stand by every word in the original Sex vs The World post from yesterday, which was written 4 days before I was published. But, some things have been clarified and adjusted so that I can get my message out without enraging the already frosty masses. Let's call it a careful and contingent compromise.

From the last piece some people may have gotten the idea that I'm feeling down. I want to make it clear that I am not down trodden in any manner, as it pertains to this situation. I simply had a moment of honest emotion that I needed to share. Thanks for listening... well, reading.

The controversial piece is coming up here in a few days in it's unedited entirety. I'm writing a different version that should be less of a bother to angry overzealous advocacy types. We shall see. But, if I'm being even remotely honest, I would much rather engage and enrage than avoid and coddle.

That reworked version of the piece won't be up for a few weeks. But look for a new Let's Talk About Sex this Thursday in the pages of The Eastern Echo. We'll be discussing anal sex. If you missed our discussion here a few months back, you'll definitely want to stay tuned.

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