Grown ass man's essential guide to body hair


Many physical attributes speak to the wearer’s masculinity. Things like deep voices, broad shoulders, big hands/feet, muscles, and strong facial features are all distinct to men. None of these features are we more eager to rid ourselves of than hair. Those things that externally make a man, also make a man sexy. A big part of what makes a man sexy is how unfeminine they are. That is not to say that a feminine man is not sexy, they have their own allure, but there is primal reaction to a man with the big, broad, rough features distinct to a man. The one of topic, hair, has a particular function in determining the sexiness of a man. The Sexual Happiness People

Part of being a man is hair. As kids, we look for our first pubes, pray for our mustache to sprout, and obey as adult men give us our first beer to put some hair on our chest. When we think of “real men" often we think of someone like hairy chested cowboys or scruffy firefighters. Our culture has desexualized back, or knuckle/toe hair but that’s mainly because it’s rarer than chest, pubic, leg, or arm hair. Even though most people don’t necessarily get off at the sight of shoulder hair, there is still a sense of virility and masculinity that surrounds it.

The biological purpose of face/body hair is to protect us from the cold, which is why people who are genetically from warmer climates generally have less of it. Hair from the under arms also serves to collect sweat and body scents to attract a mate.

In terms of sex appeal, facial hair speaks to the sexual development of the wearer. Patchy beards are seen as juvenile, while full lush beards are seen as mature and sexy. How you choose to wear your facial hair will definitely change the way it’s perceived. For the most part, a well-manicured face is preferred to a shaved one. Too much unkempt facial hair summons ideas the homeless or hippies, both of which are equally undesirable to the general populace.

If you like eating pussy, facial hair can be a good or bad. Some women like the prickle of stubble on their inner thigh, some think it's too rough. Some women like a full mustache to tickle the labia and clitoris, some women would rather have another pap smear. If you like sucking dick, a beard can be great to stimulate the testicles or inner thigh. If you're using your beard for these purposes and have multiple partners, make sure to wash your. No one wants to hear that they got crabs, or another STI, from your unkempt hippie scruff.

Facial hair may be preferred, and useful, but body hair is much different topic. Ideas for what’s acceptable for body hair range from bare to full on caveman natural. Chest, leg, and forearm hair is generally acceptable. Once again, the major gripe with body hair is that it looks dirty. If your hair is curlier, you may want to keep it shorter. If you have hair that is patchier, you may want to keep it shaped as best you can. An easy way to keep it looking clean is to get a $10 set of electric clippers, run it over trouble areas using a low guard.


While facial hair and body hair are generally negotiable, pubic hair can be more of a touchy topic. It’s understandable that people would take a personal interest in where they put their face. I know I don’t necessarily want put my face into Amazon bush but I definitely don’t want to feel the bare prepubescent skin. Pubic hair does serve to collect sweat and pheromones that signal sexual readiness to potential mates. In basic terms, it captures your natural body odor and because that smells good to other people, they may want to keep their nose there.

It’s common advice for people to tell you to shave your junk because it makes your dick look bigger. Hair is not going to get in the way when you’re going at it so who gives a shit how big it looks. I will admit that there is something alluring about a freshly shaved face, chest, butt, or balls. The skin always feels smooth and soft, both of which make people want to touch them. When you are looking at hair, as an extension of your sexual desirability, having people want to touch you is a good thing. Much like your facial hair, your pubic hair can be stimulating to your partner's thigh, clitoris or butt, whatever the case may be.

People who handle balls will tell you that shaved sac is a sac that deserves some oral attention. An unshaved sac is not repulsive; it’s just that pulling ball hair out of your mouth really slows the momentum of a blow job. You can use the same trimming trick we talked about earlier for your pubes. If you want to keep a bush, tug on the hairs then run a fine comb through it to get any loose hairs out. If you know you’re going to be getting it on, taking a few minutes before hand will make you a much more considerate lover.

When it comes to hair maintenance men will sometimes complain that it takes too much work but luckily, five minutes with some clippers once a week is only about 1/100th of the time you will spend masturbating, so you can fit it in.

For men, hair is highly personal. Women have all types of cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, baubles, etc. that can help them to express their individuality. Men only have their hair, and a bunch of generic unexpressive clothing that is generally as boring as fucking a corpse. That means we must take extra care and make sure we make a statement. Take a few minutes, make a plan and give yourself +50 to sexiness.

One last thing to keep in mind. If you are trying to attract men, you want to keep it hairier. Studies have shown that gay men prefer men that are closer to the male archetype. If you are trying to attract women, you may want to keep a baby face. Studies have shown that women find faces that are more feminine to be more attractive. Both groups prefer good hygiene.

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