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I think my vagina looks o.k., but I recently saw this thing on vajazzling, and I thought it sounded cool. I also heard of this mystic Asian steam bath for my cooch. It's supposed to increase circulation or some shit like that, but I was just thinking it would be like a facial for my vagina. What do you think?

Vajazzling is the bane of my existence. O.k., that may be a little extreme, but seriously it sucks.

I understand women's urge to decorate their pussies. Most women have no friggin' idea what a good vagina looks like, and to an inexperienced eye the vagina can seem like an ugly or disgusting organ. If someone who thought they had an ugly vagina found out about vajazzling, or whatever bull shit people are pushing, they might see it as a way to beautify their box. (I don't like speaking in absolutes because their is always someone who will prove me wrong but...) No one needs that bullshit.

Vajazzling, for those who don't know, is the act of attaching little gems to the mons pubis. (If you need a quick refresh on anatomy click here) This vaginal facial thing is a bit new to me, but from the research I have done it seems like hokey bullshit too. Regardless, if you feel like you need this and it makes you happy then I say do it. I will never advise you not to do anything that makes you feel good, and doesn't harm your health. However, just know that you don't need it.

If you are having sex with men, they will tell you that they are just happy that you have allowed them to put their penis inside of you. As long as it isn't smelly or diseased they couldn't care less. If you are having sex with other women, then they will be able to tell you how beautiful your pussy really is. That is not to say men don't see it, but they often express it differently.

Since you seem like it's not that deep and you just thought it might be cool, I say try it once. If you hate it never do it again. If you like it then do it as long as you want. Just make sure to pick a clean and sanitary salon to do the work. The last thing you want is to tell your doctor how you got vaginosis from a bad arts and crafts accident.



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