How Different Are Gay People?

Ok Cupid has a ton of users and those users come with a ton of data. Realizing the potential for all this data, they have started compiling it for easy consumption. Their most recent one features a comparison between 3.2 million gay and straight OK Cupid users.

*Spoiler Alert* gay people are just like everyone else.

First off, gays are not vampires waiting to suck the blood of their straight counter parts.


Gay people also aren't screwing every moving thing in sight.



What's crazy is that from their data only 2% of gay people were having 23% of all the sex reported. That's crazy. I wonder how they have time for all that, maybe they can give me some coaching in time management, finals are kicking my ass.

It seems that straight people are loving the gay sex too.

I think it's a bit shocking that men claim to have had so little gay sex. Most of the straight guys I know admit to at least making out with a guy at some point but you can't argue with the data. Now lets see where all these prudish and adventurous people are in the world.

Yep... that's about right. Though Canada being all red and orange was a bit surprising. I know where I'm going for spring break.

This next bit of info covers basic intelligence... be scared.

We are so dumb. Just an FYI the Sun is 330,000 times larger than the Earth. It is the largest item in our solar system.

Now let's talk about some personality traits.

So straight women are optimistic, polite, & religious sports fans while straight men are violent, aggressive, religious, horny sports fans?  Then Lesbians are horny, drug fueled, violent, artsy types while gay men ambitious but introverted, spontaneous, artsy types?  Who'da thunk it?

So what do these people like? Prepare not to be surprised.

Lesbians like the L word. Straight women want to escape. Gay men love fashion and pop music. Straight men like boobs and explosions. No shit!

As you can see things are generally as they seem. I find some things about this data interesting though. I would have definitely thought that all men would have had more partners on average. However, when you think about it straight men have to be having sex with women and gay people have to be having sex with other gay people so it should average to be about equal.

I cannot wait for the next round of data!


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