future sex! a Birth Control Shot For Men


Well, well, well it seems the contracetive discoveries keep rolling forward. Last week I told you about the gel currently being developed for women, well this week we are one step closer to finally having a contraceptive option for men.

Scientists in China are currently testing a testosterone shot that lowers sprem levels to far below the level considered infertile. Of the 100 men in this study only 1 fathered a child. For those worried, 6 months after stopping treatment 100% of the men's sperm count went back to normal. This is awesome, especially considering that one third of of men would definitely try hormonal birth control as an alternative to condoms.

Other attempts at hormonal birth control for men have proven to be complete and utter failures, with side effects such as mood swings, violent out burts, depression, lowered sex drive, increased risk taking, and death. (I always find it funny that death could be a side effect for almost everything.) So I am not to optimitic. Hey who knows, this could be the one. I hope it is.


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