10 odd things your erectile dysfunction might be trying to tell you

Erectile dysfunction always happens for a reason, even if you can’t find it. Your body/brain is smarter than you. They want you to have sex, but sometimes something just isn’t right. Since your body can’t just tell you what’s wrong, it gives you clues. ED is a really big clue. Here are a few of the things that may be going on.


You don’t feel your power

Capable, confident, sexy people have a way of causing a sense of awe and bewilderment. Through the fog of idealistic panic, it’s really fucking difficult to remember how dope your milkshake is. Pay attention to your partner’s closeness, eye contact, willingness, energy, excitement, joy, etc. These are all signs that you’re exactly what they want. That’s fucking powerful.


Your blood pressure is too high

If you can hear your heart or find yourself feeling sweaty, easily tired or like you’re going to explode, you might need to see a doctor. This can be caused by a number of things, and it’s important to keep it under control.


You’re not in the mood

Sometimes, it’s time for something other than erections. Figure out where your attention or desires are pointing, not where you want them to point. It’s easy to confuse the two, and they’re often different.


You don’t want to be touched there or at all

Plenty of things can make you feel uncomfortable or make you want to lock people out. Maybe spend some time alone with your feelings. Take some you time with a hot bath, Netflix, a buffet or whatever you like to do to relax.


There’s no romantic connection

No matter how sexy the other person or people are, we often still need to feel loved or connected to become erect. Without that connection, you may feel nervous, vulnerable, distant, distracted, etc. For more info, look up Demisexual.


You need some cardio

This is commonly the problem if you find yourself getting less erect as you get sweaty and out of breath. Try walking more or taking the stairs; little changes go a long way. Those with office jobs are more at risk, so take extra care to get your heart racing when you’re not having sex, too.


You’re depressed

Often the first sign of depression shows up in your sex life. Half erections, decreased sensitivity and a general sense of dread are all good indicators it might be cuddle time. Cuddling is great for depression and might awaken your arousal. Even if it doesn’t, your brain will release some happy chemicals that might be what you need to break through that cloud.


You’re hungry

You may not get hangry, but low blood sugar is distracting and often feels like a general discomfort, not a stomach-specific problem. Take a break, get your sugar right and try again.


You’re sleepy or too intoxicated

If your erections are mostly psychological, things like sleepiness, drugs and alcohol can get in the way of your mind working normally. For some people, it helps them get lost in the sex. For others, it’s the kiss of death for their ability to get aroused.


You have to pee

Sometimes when holding urine in your bladder, your PC muscles all just clench down without you knowing. This can keep blood from flowing properly and might also be causing some sensitivity loss. If you try to pee and you can’t, try stimulating your nipples, scrotum or penis head. Sometimes a little pleasure will help you relax enough to feel what’s going on and get things flowing.  


What has your erectile dysfunction been trying to tell you?

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